Foundry Dropdown Stack not working

I have just opened my project this morning to find that the dropdown stack has decided to not work.
I have created a dropdown with two categories in it, each linked to a separate page but, although it was working last night, it does not work this morning.
I have checked all the links and they work as a separate entity to the dropdown but the dropdown itself will not show on any of the pages.
Any ideas?

Does it not work on the live site or in your project?

The site hasn’t gone live yet - this is just a project that I’m working on for a mate and I need to get it up and running for him to approve.
I have checked the link using RW’s preview mode and the the ‘Preview in Safari’ mode but it still doesn’t work.

Did you close and reopened RW?

Yes - I closed RW last night after saving the project then opened it this morning.
I’m just looking through the source file at the moment to see if I can spot anything but tbh I don’t really know what I should be looking for.

Can you post a screenshot of the problematic page in edit mode - it may give us a clue.

Also, when you say ‘dropdown stack’ do you mean the Navigation stack or something else?

Apologies for the delay in replying - unlike most, I’ve been working away from home :slight_smile:
I’ve attached two screenshots showing the problem. It’s the ddm for the drawings page that concerns me as it doesn’t work at all in RW’s preview mode or in Safari, from any of the pages

Are you using Foundry’s Button Group as the main navigation?

Yes - using the Foundry button group with the Dropdown inside it

Any reason you’re not using the Navigation stack?

Probably just lack of experience/knowledge.
I’ll swap it all out for the Nav overlay or one of the other two and see if that makes a difference.
Thank for the pointer :slight_smile:

Tried using the Nav Bar stack but
A - it leaves the homes page title as black when the rest is white (Which is what I want)
B - it’s not picking up the ddm for the two different drawings pages

Any ideas?

Have you watched the Foundry Navigation video and read the accompanying notes? The docs are really good and the answer to most of my questions are usually there.

Just watched the video but haven’t had a chance to read the docs yet - I don’t see where it picks up the items for the ddm though and that’s what’s confusing me with this particular stack.
I’ll have a look at the docs when I get back from my enforced shopping trip :rofl:

The items in the drop down menu are your sub-pages and the navigation stack picks them up automatically. See attached screen shot. You’ll see the sub pages in the list on the left and then you’ll see them in the drop down menu.

Thanks for all your help but I’ve decided not to use the nav bar stack and stick with the bottom group as it is right aesthetically.
Just on the off chance I decided to make the site go live and have a look at it to check how it looked and to my amazement the whole thing works! It still doesn’t work inside RW though, which is somewhat disconcerting, but as long as it all works in the end it’s all fine.
Thanks again for all your help - very much appreciated.

Update on the situation - I have been successful in publishing the test website and it works reasonably well (some adjustments required for aesthetics) on both my iMac and my iPad Pro but it doesn’t work at all on my iPhone.
I’ve spoken to my client and they checked on their Nokia phone but it doesn’t work on that either. It does work on their Windows laptop though.
Any ideas what the problem might be?

Hi there @Nightrain – In reading through this thread am I so understand you’re using a Button Group as your site’s navigation? If so, that is creative, but it is not what it is designed for. It is going to look bad on mobile devices if you’ve got more than a few things in the stack. It just isn’t what you should be using for a site navigation. That is why it isn’t called a “navigation” stack, but is labeled as a “button.”

I would highly recommend you using one of the many different navigation stacks that come with Foundry and / or its addons like Potion or Thunder Pack.

In the main suite of Foundry stacks you have:

  • Navigation Bar
  • Navigation Bar Pro
  • Navigation Overlay
  • Slide Navigation

You could also make due with List Group for a vertical navigation.

In Potion and Thunder you have:

  • Mega Menu
  • Mini Navigation
  • Vertical Navigation
  • Pip Navigation

So there are a lot of choices there for stacks that are supposed to be used as navigational elements.

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Thanks very much for the advice.
I was relying on knowledge I picked up many years ago using Lisa Online to learn html and then teach it to kids at school :rofl:
I have just had a play with the Mega Menu stack and although it does do most things that I’d like, I cannot get it to line up with the name stack that I have in a header stack, inside an overlap stack. As you can see from the attached images - the word ‘Drawings’ does not line up with the name correctly and as the name is in the correct place I would like to move the menu accross the the left.
Is there a trick that I’m missing here please?

The stacks are lining up, it is just that you have no background on the navigation bar’s background so you’re not seeing the padding that is applied to the background and the individual items. That padding is there to separate the elements in the navigation, among other things.

Use the Margins stack to apply padding of your own to the header.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. That’s the fun of web design and Stacks — it is quick and easy to try different things.