How to highlight current day in a weekly schedule

Can someone tell me if there’s an available stack for making a week’s schedule with the current day highlighted or boldfaced or a different color? I know it can be done with javascript but I’m wondering if there’s a stack for this.

Nobody has replied, so I guess there’s no stack available for this.


I use DateSnap by YabDab to import Google Calendars for our chapter events and it does this for current day (The DateSnap Stack can use manual event inputs without the need for Google Calendars just as an fyi and is responsive, where DateLoom header is not.

sample can be seen here:


Thanks for the speedy input @Turtle. Nice website. :thumbsup: Are those Canadian countryside in the photos? Beautiful.

Oh, I’ve heard of DateSnap and I’ve used the DateLoom before. But what I have in mind is just a list or table of fixed schedule for 7 days, and then have the current day bolded or in different color text. It can be done with javascript but I was wondering if there’s a stack for it. Anyway, the clients don’t really need it. So, I’ll let it go. Thanks, just the same.


Thanks, some of them are, some are not.

I am not all-knowledgable about all stacks for the type of behaviour you are looking for although I could see it’s advantages in certain use cases. Maybe someone else will come up with a stack but I think your best bet (afaik) would be to use JS…

Sorry couldn’t be more help