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Hi all,
I am looking for a calendar solution that would allow the user to click on a button/link to add a calendar event on the website to their calendar.

I have seen this on sites before, believe they had a seperate link for getting an iCal invite vs a Windows/android invite but I may be wrong about that.

Is there a solution for this for RW?

Thanks Kris,
I don’t want users to be able to edit the calendar, just add an event to from the calendar to their own calendar. Or send themselves an invite somehow.


That may work, not much in the way of details…

Thank you Kris

Unless I am missing something, the addevent solution will require entering each event details thru RW.
That won’t work. I need a way to use Google Calendar or a calendar with a built in CMS so the administrator can add events and details from the browser.
I guess I will have a look over on codecanyon and see what type of php calendar/event systems are available. From What I can tell there are no RW add-on’s that can give me both a browser editable calendar and the ability to add the event to the users personal calendar. I know there are a ton of them for wordpress so I assume I will find something on codecanyon.


Scott, Did you find a decent solution? I am facing this very problem for a client where they want multiple staff members to log in and change dates. I’m wading through CodeCanyon but it’s dense! Please, let me know!

Thank you!

I ended up just going with Google Calendar

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Try it’s pretty good.


Thank you for getting back to me!