Online Calendar Booking

(Monica Sayegh) #1

I am looking for Online Calendar booking stack/plug in, any suggestions Thanks

(Gabrielle Vickery) #2

The only way I’ve found is to use a google calendar and import it, it doesn’t look very classy but it does the job, see it in action here:
I set it up and my client maintains it and makes all changes.

(Yabdab) #3

You can use Datesnap ( stack ) or Dateloom ( plugin ) to display your Calendar ( including Google Calendar ), but they do not handle “booking” currently.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

(Monica Sayegh) #4

Thank you Gabrielle, I will try it for sure. Maybe Rapidweaver developers should start developing a nice plugin for us :slight_smile:

(Monica Sayegh) #5

Thank you!, I will try both plugin :slight_smile:

(Monica Sayegh) #6

Thank you! will check both!

(Michael Walker) #7

what code did you use to import it may i ask?

(Monica Sayegh) #8

Hi Flashoser, my client was in a hurry to use this website, did not have the chance to explore the codes, or stacks in RapidWeaver, so I developed the site and the online booking with Wordpress :frowning:

(Gabrielle Vickery) #9

Well I was using the Blueball Freestack Theme and it has an IFrame stack, and then i popped the code in which looks like this:

(Harry Logtenberg) #10

currently? Does this mean that a single booking calendars will be coming in the near future :wink: A booking calendar would be a nice added plugin for RapidWeaver !!!

(Brian LaPan) #11

I’m playing with Acuity scheduler here. It seems fairly straightforward with embed codes that I just popped in. They also handle payments.

(Emiliano Achaval) #12

I’m also looking for a Booking Agent/ scheduler for my fishing charter business.
I want the client to be able to see the open days, and click the date he wants, and send me a deposit, with PayPal or credit card…

(scott williams) #13

I was looking for something similar recently. I saw a bunch of them over on code canyon, maybe take a look there.