Calendar .....need responsive design (cal. ID?)

I have tried for hours ! I cannot find my Calendar ID on Google Calendar. Has this changed … Obsolete ? Going nuts? Or can I use Total CMS?
If I simply embed Google Cal it is fairly useless in iPhone.
Happy to pay pretty much anything for the right solution

I need to add a calendar to show monthly events
I need to show the whole month at a time showing all days of the month visible.

The client needs to add entries easily.
Needs to be modern/slick looking and responsive.

I just cant find anthing that fits the bill.

Kalendar looks great but does not allow for a full page per month showing the events in the day squares. (You have to click on the day)
Otherwise it would be perfect.

Webyeb looks old fashioned.

Embed Google calendar looks old fashioned.

I cant make date snap work … I cant find the correct Calander ID number (I only have Date Snap V1 and V2 is not avail)
I have looked at a few subscription calendars but they all seem such overkill for what I need.

Has anyone added a nice responsive calendar recently?

In an ideal world it would have different colored events. I cant do this with Google Calendar because it only allows one calendar not multiple.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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