Desperately need a calendar embed

I have two websites using the Event Calendar stack from Rapid Ideas. That source is gone and the calendar no longer shows or adds events when I add them from my linked ical calendar. Now i’m desperate as i know the calendar additions work because all those who have subscribed to the calendar said the new dates are there in their phones. On the website, nothing links/syncs up. So I am pretty sure i need a new calendar add on or stack.
Problem: nothing can be found that is similar. I have completely distanced myself from Google and I don’t want to embed one of theirs if I can absolutely help it. Everything else I find is simply something that I would have to put a button into EACH event every time we add a show date. I cannot take my laptop everywhere just to add dates.

What can be done? This is the site I desperately need to get back working so I can finish adding dates. The band is booking up FAST and I can’t make this a full time job
need this fixed:

ANY help aside from selling me on Google would be appreciated.


@TwitchinKitten , did you look into


Thank you and yes I did look into this but for $40 and the one review wasn’t very positive. I’ll think about this and see what happens. If there are others I would sure appreciate it. I don’t mind spending the money, but I need to know I’m not wasting said money as well :slight_smile:

@TwitchinKitten , I still use Datesnap by Yabdab, but it’s no longer available on their site. I don’t know why, because it still works.

Good luck,


Kalendar works OK for me…

Yeah I have his formloom and after two months and help from my tech guy, we still can’t get that one to work and then the two of them started “fighting” about it. So that was a waste of $50 for me. Unfortunately I do not have his Datesnap stack.

Will it do what I need it to do? EXACTLY or close to it?

Don’t know – I just have a published iCal calendar, dropped the URL into Kalendar and the events automatically appear on the web page. There’s some styling options.

It’s the only one I know of.

Works fine for me with google calendars. I created a number of calendars under one google account and publish them using the public iCal address. I use one on here: One and two day navigation and how to use a compass courses in the New Forest

When I re do the website this summer I will have one on each course page.

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