Embedding an icloud calendar or google calendar, help!

Hi all, my client wants either a google calendar or icloud calendar embedded in his site here: https://www.kitteridgeallsports.com/football_fixtures_and_results/.
I’ve been trying both options, using either the Embed stack from Stacks4Stacks, or a standard HTML stack, but nothing seems to work.

Additionally if I do manage to upload and I just see the code, it also asks me to open a calendar file, which I don’t understand.

Can anyone advise asap?

You need the http address of the calendar rather than the webcal address in order to actually embed it.
I share my icloud calendar with my google account https://calendar.google.com
Which then gives you the option to embed using an iframe.
Works great.

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Ok so I went to that link you gave me, and found an option where I could add the client’s calendar to my own online calendar page, is that right?
I didn’t even know I had one to be honest. Seems a bit weird to add it to my own account though?

It is now showing up which is great, but can you confirm that the process really does mean adding it to your own Google account?


I was thinking more that they could add it to their own Google account and would email you the embed code.
But not every client is tech savvy enough to know where to click and what to do. It might be a bit daunting for them.
Now that you’ve done it yourself and know what to do, you could maybe walk them through it to save having to keep it on your own Google account.


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With several of my clients/sites, I setup a Google account on their behalf and keep the details, if they already have one I use something similar to their name or business, I can then use that account for Calendars, PDF display, embedded video, photos etc (the 15Gb of free space comes in handy!)

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I use hiTuber.
It just works.

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Richard I’m confused now. Because I think what they’d need to do at their end is a bit different from what I did at my end.
Dave thanks for your input, but I’m assuming that my client already has a google account because he’s using the calendar already.

I’m not sure exactly what I’d be asking him to do.

Just ask the client ‘share’ it with you then embed the code, just as I’ve done here: https://www.glebechapel.org/diary/

I think that’s what we already did. Actually looking again, the email from google says that he gave me ‘editing rights’ which gave me a link to the page, which then gave me the code.
Is that different to ‘sharing’ it then?

This is what it should look like:

with this in the sidebar:Screen%20Shot

Hi there,

You can check out our Kalendar stack:

It allows you to connect Google / Outlook / iCloud calendars all with a nice design.

Thanks guys, I’ll work through your comments :slight_smile:

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