Call to action stack adds a top offset

I’m using the Joe Workman Call 2 action stack.

All is well apart from when the call to action stack appears, it adds a top offset equivalent to the top menu bar on the page.

To see what I man, go to, look at the top menu bar and wait a couple of seconds. The C2A will appear and when it does, the main body content gets shifted down and I get a white bar that looks the same height as the top bar?

Any idea why this is happening?

When I look at it on Safari, Top Bar shifts down momentarily as the CTA stack appears but pops back into its correct position a split second later. Then it sits correctly in the page.


It remains for me on safari and also safari mobile.

Just looked under Chrome on Windows 10. Looks fine.

I’m seeing the same problem on Safari and Firefox with OSX 10.9.5