Check out the new Corners stack

Ever wanted to add one of those kewl floating buttons in the corner(s) of your web page that opens a small window displaying a form or special information?

Well, now you can do that with the Corners Stack.

Peep the DEMO page to see what it does.

Save an extra 20% until March 20th using the promo code CORNERSLAUNCH

Have a great day! :slight_smile:


a-hem…nice little stack. But…seriously, folks: 19.99 for a nice little stack? Are you sure? Have you taken a look at what other developers are charging for similar utility stuff?


Hi Mike, looking great the Corners Stack.
Just heard that it would work fine with the Foundry framework from Adam so will make a purchase specially now with a 20% discount. Cheers

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the promo code doesn’t work

Hmm, seems to work for me…

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not for me :slight_smile:

In Safari, it did not work for me, but in chrome it went.

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Yes, there seems to be a current problem with Safari. Or at least Safari with specific OS X numbers. I’d guess they’d get it sorted out sometime today. But Chrome and others seem to work fine.

Yes, as others have stated, it is a random issue with Safari. We are trying to hunt down the exact cause now.

Any content blocking extensions installed? Cookies disabled?

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It’s working for me in Safari.

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Me too, I have just make the purchase on Safari and no problems at all with the discount code.
Working fine :slight_smile:

@bendeparis Try it now using Safari. @Mathew helped me out and it should work now. :slight_smile:


Would this be an alternative to Joe’s call to action stack? Any pros or cons?

Call To Action is more about timing some sort of notification based on a users behaviour/status (entering the site, exiting the site, scrolling the site, etc) and integrates with other stacks to deliver the actual content. Corners is a static/fixed element (i.e. it’s always there) that lets you highlight important parts of your site and places them in the ever-present but relatively underused corners of your site. So, while I suppose they both might be trying to draw attention to something, they’re not really competitors from what I gather*.

I think the more comparable stack would be Action Menu by one little designer (there may be others).

*Apologies in advance to Joe and YabDab for butchering the descriptions of your stacks.


it’s work now. thanks.

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You shouldn’t apologise to anyone - your explanation has been very helpful.

Yes indeed Jason the more comparable stack would be the Action Menu stack.

Could it be posible in a future update to bring in some options based on an users behaviour/ status like the Call To Action stack for subscriptions for example? -would be great if it could do also something as this in a future update.

Apart of this would be great to get more options on position instead of just on the 4 corners, don’t know if this would be posible in an update somewhere.

All round opinion it’s a good stack, looking forwards to use it on my designs.
-would like to test it with the Siphon stack inside, if this would work will be great.


Hi @yabdab,

Would like to know how to do to bring one button next to another one, same as on the demo page. Not one on each corner. Button that contain an icon + text, not just an icon.

Is there an option to choose different button shapes, sizes? -Would be useful too.

Also what’s the modal max.? -I will need more than 800-800px. Also some troubles on the edit page of RW when the Corners stack have inside a large content stack. I need it for large content, I know that the stack is done for small content nevertheless hope to see an update to allow larger content too, support for larger px sizes. Also a scrolling feature inside the Corners stack for larger content and close button option apart of the X. This would be of good use.

Looking forwards on future updates with this features pls.

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To have multiple corner buttons you need to adjust the margins for each to position them.

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Works nicely in Preview pane using Kiki-PRO Theme, but fails on uploaded site, leaving modal on view nowhere near corner with button text underneath and no button. Firefox browser. Is something missing or am I missing something?