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Hi guys i’m considering altering my business model to be based in donations alone… But I’d like to put little donation reminders all over the site… I’m using foundry and got all the addons but i’m not seeing much there for little popups. I was kind of thinking along the lines of Mac OS’s notifications but in different areas of the site, popping out of the wood work in a cutesy way.

Please let me know if you can recommend any stacks that could do something like this. Maybe something that kinda chases you around in a slightly annoying but not too intrusive way?

Try Expose at Weaver.Space @joeworkman

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Foundry has the modal and mega modal for popups.

I’d be careful with overdoing pop-ups. What some people might find cute, most others might find annoying. If your site annoys visitors, they simply go elsewhere.

If what you want is a stack that launches a modal have a look at Joe Workmans Call to Action. It’s not the modal but can trigger the popups on entry, exit, scroll position, etc, etc.

Like a lot of things in web design, just don’t overdo it.


Is there anything that could do a little snake that slithers in from the corner of the page?

Seems expose is good but it needs to be clicked on. Maybe if I could combine that with Call to action. And use call to action itself.

It would be cool if I could get like a little animal dancing lol

I also like that popup the Joe Workman uses to show who’s buying stuff. What stack is that?

Maybe i’ll get his glider also… Foundry has glide, but it’s not a pop up

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