50% OFF Call to Action v2.0 - Build your Audience

You may have seen my email this past week that I updated Call to Action to 2.0! It has a ton of new features. There are 13 different triggers now that you can use to launch interactions with your visitors. You can also integrate with analytics so that you can see how many users are triggering your CTAs. Here is the full release notes…

  • Completely revamped with Triggers now added as child stacks
  • Scrolline percentage can now be based off of the CTA stack position
  • CTA can now be used inside of stacks like Agent, Visilock, Slot Machine and Total CMS Toggles in order to turn on/off the CTA based on those stacks logic.
  • Tons of new Triggers!
    • Hashtag - trigger based on a hashtag in the URL
    • Away - trigger after a user returns after some time
    • Focus Out - trigger when the browser window has been hidden
    • Mouse Leave - improved logic from preview Exit trigger
    • Idle - idle time on the browser
    • Time - trigger after user has spent a certain amount of time on the site.
    • Views - trigerr after a certain number of page views
    • Visits - trigerr after a certain number of unique visits
    • External - trigger form submit, html5 video end and so much more. This allows for 3rd party stacks to integrate with CTA.

Get 50% off all of March 2019

Call to Action v2.0 costs $39.95. However, you can get it for $19.95 for the rest of the month. No discount code required. The discount will be taken at checkout.

As a gift to existing CTA v1 users, you got v2.0 as a free update! Thank you.

Live Stream on new version

I did a live stream on CTA 2 last week. I reviewed all of the new features. Enjoy!


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