New Call to Action stack

The Call to Action stack takes care of the most critical components of the CTA process. It integrates with the best modal stacks out there. It then launches them based on pre-defined triggers for page load, focus, and scroll position. This will allow you to prompt your visitors at key moments in order to capture their email or provide key information.


Instant purchase…plus instant purchase of @Elixir’s Focus stack. I’ve long wanted to use the Focus stack in my sites, but preferred to launch it using a button of my choice, or from a text link (I was told this was not possible since the button IS the modal).

However, as Joe has managed to integrate assorted lightboxes into this stack, it’s now possible. This means that I can now use Sweet Button or Button Pro to launch assorted lightboxes - keeping the overall look and feel of my sites that already use these buttons consistent (e.g. Stone Summit).

If you’d like to see Focus launched from a simple text link, point your browser to this page on my personal site; scroll down to (and click) the teal link that reads “I chose a figurine…quilt.” It works like a charm!


Joe released a How To Video here:

We also made a Basic Setup FAQ here:

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Nice and thorough! Thanks

Looks great.
I wonder if it could be used to replicate a WordPress plugin that is used on this site
A CTA box slides in from the bottom right corner. Or at least it should do, I think I must have visited it too many times and it’s anti annoyance settings have stopped it from displaying to me.

I don’t see any CTAs on that page. However, you can integrate with Glider that can do similar things.

I think the CTA must have been taken off the home page.
Could you take a look at the subtle slide in effect is not too intrusive, but still catches the eye.
Can Glider be this subtle?

Glider can be set to come out slower, but you can not adjust the height of the stack so it is a small box like on that page. At least not yet.

Exactly. Right now Glider is either full width or full height. Fixed size will be coming in v2.