Can I build a database and release reports with Rapidweaver?

I want to build a website where people can fill in near misses, unsafe situations, incidents etc. (I have a construction management company) and also make reports. Does anybody has some experience with this?



Hm, wouldn’t eventually some kind of blog-stack fit the bill? As far as I understand, Total CMS or Armadillo would be fine for this task by automatically creating Categories or Tags for the different kinds of input people make.

Sounds like FORMs… yes… this can be done in RW. RW is just a tool to build sites. You can use built in tools and 3rd party tools, scripts (php, java, etc) and even code your own HTML so it can virtually do anything. I’m sure there are several 3rd party Forms tools as well as a built in one. Depends on what bells and whistles you want.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t understand the answer. I’m not an IT’er. Can you be more specific, please.



I don’t use it myself but I have heard others praise the use of Mach Form. I’ll try and dig up the user here who has implemented it on his site(s) and maybe he can say whether it applies here.

Thanks for your support. I’m a starter, so good to have some help. Take care. Joris

You can find out more about MachForms here:

It’s a great product. I’d read over everything carefully to see if it would meet your needs. Based on the very short description provided I think it would. But I don’t know all the details of your situation.

@dave is the one I was thinking of. Maybe there are others that can chime in.

Edit: ah, and I see @Mathew as well :slight_smile:

Although I have MachForm installed in dozens of websites, I’ve never used it quite like you’re wanting to. But, I see no reason it couldn’t be. You’re basically wanting an incident report to be filled in, with a new record created for each new incident. MachForm also presents the data online, and allows for you to create the look and feel that best suits you. Plus, of course, you can export the data into an Excel spreadsheet/database.

So, yes - if I were looking to implement what you’re looking to do, I’d give MachForm a try first.

Bonus - sounds like you’re a starter without a lot of IT experience. The owner of MachForm will be happy to create your databsase on your behalf…for FREE. Take him up on that offer, and then all you have to worry about is creating the form (which is very, very, very easy).

Thanks Dave. Sounds great to me. up to now I do it with survey monkey, but I’m not happy with it.

Do you think I can create something like this?

And how can I contact the person you were referring to?



I think this link is better.

As you can see, I’m not in to IT yet. This should make clear what I want. Sorry for the many messages.

Okay, your final example helps a little. But it would be much more useful if you could tell us why Survey Monkey is not satisfactory for you. Based on your description we could easily tell you if MachForm will have the same limitations or not. It’s not clear to me what is the “extra” you are looking for. (Okay, the form can look much better in MachForms, but I imagine you have a more substantive reason for moving away from Survey Monkey.)

Hi Mathew,

I have no particular reason to leave SM, but I just want to be independent from any system. A personal website with the possibility of SM or similar.
So I can arrange my own data and make standard reports.



@joris Hmm … I’m not sure I’m going to be much help as it’s still unclear to me what you really want. Here’s some short comments:

  • RapidWeaver is great for making websites
  • it seems you need something to collect information. It seems perhaps Survey Monkey is doing that fine for you.
  • it seems you need to arrange the data in some way after collection. I believe Survey Monkey will allow you to export your data as CSV or Excel formats: and then you can arrange any way you want. MachForm definitely allows you to do this. (Survey Monkey has various plans and I have no idea what plan/capabilities you have).
  • it seems you also need something/someway to report the information. I don’t know about SM. MachForm allows you to generate several different kinds of reports, based on subsets of your data, that can easily be displayed on a webpage (created by RW or other software)
  • if you want a report in some format or style not supplied by MachForm then you can always download the data as a CSV, arrange/edit as needed, and then use one of several products to display that data in a RW website. GridIron works with Google sheets (perhaps nice in your case), or there are several other good stacks for presenting tables.
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Thanks Greg,

Can you help me out on it, to build it?