Anyone I can hire to build a site in Rapidweaver for me?

I’m trying to create a website for about 30 users, where each user can log in and they are directed to a specific page with database information where they can edit a limited number of fields in the database. Each user should not be able to see the other pages, only the one they’re directed to.

On top of this, I need to have full admin access for 4 people who can edit the database information (preferable through a CSV upload) and edit any fields on the specific pages mentioned above.

I’m pretty sure I’ll need to go the CMS route, but setting this up is a bit beyond my experience level. The database that is displayed on each page needs to be uploaded by CSV file. Anyone interested in talking more details or have an idea on price? I can show you an example site and go in further detail. Thanks!


I do quite a few sites and do a lot of work integrating database applications and we use Rapidweaver. If you want to get in touch send me your email or phone.

Sounds like you may need more of an application than a CMS given display/editing requirements. However you can also use login redirects to static webpages and some of the CMS tools can deliver quite a lot.
Am guessing you would prefer not to have 30 different databases. But perhaps you could explain further. Will they not e.h. have some common info across the fields or be in same format etc?