Which stack do I use?

Hi all!

I purchased Rapidweaver recently, playing around with the various stacks, etc. It’s AWESOME! However, I’m a bit stuck with trying to find the right tools for my project. And I was hoping someone could assist me.

I would like to collect information through a form, place that in a database and have that information placed on my website with the design/format that I’ve created.

I’ve looked into this process Machform --> mySQL --> ?? (not sure what stack, if any, to use).

Help, please!

Although not a database, i used Formloom 4 to collect the data in a form which wrote it to a google sheet.

I then used chartist to reference the data in the sheet to draw charts on a different web page. You could use the gsheet stack to work with the data collected.

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@niks I’m not sure what will work well for you. Perhaps it would be helpful to describe what kind of data you are collecting and how many fields. For example all the data could be text (name, occupation, short bio) or could involve images and other things.

MachForm is wonderful. It can send to mySQL, but it can also send to Google Sheets at the same time. This opens up some other possibilities. And you can export your data as a CSV file: which creates other options.

If the number of different data points is modest (3 to 6 things from each person) then perhaps exporting as a CSV and then using that in one of several table stacks would meet your needs.

If more complex perhaps the Gsheet stack (by Weavium or similar) might work nicely for you. I haven’t used Gsheet myself so I can’t speak to details on this one but several folks have it.

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Hi Nick,

Thank you for your time answering my query! I will definitely look into those three to see if it’ll work for my project.


Hi @Mathew,

Thank you for your time expounding on the specifics of my dilemma.

I would be collecting text (Name, contact info - phone/email), images, and some urls. It’ll probably be around 10-15 pieces of info.

I’m really not too familiar with this, but what would the benefits be for exporting as a CSV file? And would it only be able to create tables? If so, it may not be the right stack for this project.

After looking into the Gsheet stack like Nick @pyrobit mentioned above, I think that would fit more of my needs of being able to design how the information is presented on my site.

For the Machform/Formloom4, when a form is updated, would it automatically update on the mySQL or google sheet which can then automatically update on my website via Gsheet?

Thank you once more in advance!

@niks Based on what you wrote it seems Gsheet is your best option. I don’t use it so I can’t provide any practical advice.

In MachForm you can set it up to auto update the mySQL database (it does this by default) AND to update a Google sheet. So, yes, if the Gsheet stack is set up correctly then there should be auto updates to the webpage.

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I am a big fan of FormSnap stack…
Saves to whatever you want.

This is just a sample.

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Hi Joe,

Thank you for sending these images! It looks very simple to use with an awesome saving function. I’ll definitely take a closer look and see if it’ll best fit this current project.

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