Telsa Banner Height Change

(Dezerae H) #1

Hi there, I’m still fairly new to the rapidweaver program.

I’m currently in the process of creating my website. I’m using the Telsa theme. I’ve already was able to change the banner to one of my own images, but I wanted to see if anyone knew how to change the height?

My home page I wanted it a full page just how the preview is, but my other pages I wanted to make it a little less than half of it, but keep the same theme.

If anyone knows how to help, I’d really appreciate it!

Thank you!

(David) #2

This thread should help: Tesla Theme - deleting the banner in somes pages

Thanks to our old friend Oscar. :cry:

(Dezerae H) #3


Thanks so much! Your friend Oscar is genius…it worked!

(Dezerae H) #4

I do have just one more question, do you by any chance know how to change the title to a custom one for each page for css code?

My first page I wanted as “welcome” second to “our story” and so forth.

And of course with my luck it’s not working.


I was using this html code:


					<!-- Site Slogan -->
					<h1 id="site_slogan" data-0="opacity: 1; top:0px;" data-600="opacity: 0; top: 80px;" data-anchor-target="#site_slogan" class="skrollable skrollable-between" style="opacity: 1; top: 0px;">

Our Story


					<!-- Scroll down button -->
					<div id="scroll_down_button" data-0="opacity: 1; top:0px;" data-400="opacity: 0; top: 100px;" data-anchor-target="#scroll_down_button" class="skrollable skrollable-between" style="opacity: 1; top: 0px;">
						<i class="fa fa-angle-down"></i>

(David) #5

You can override the site slogan, title and footer of each page in the page inspector > general settings.

Yes Oscar was a genius, very helpful kind and friendly. Unfortunately he is no longer with us and is sorely missed.

Btw, best to search the forum before posting, as both these answers were in previous posts.

Anyway glad it helped.

(Dezerae H) #6

My apologies, that was my fault. I was looking for the keywords on the first post.

Hey as long as you got the memories of him, he’ll always around!

Thank you again, Thang and to your friend Oscar, I really appreciated it.

(David) #7

No worries. For a while it was kind of a running joke here that there should be a separate category for changing banners on Tesla and Split themes as people were posting those questions almost daily. And old Oscar would patiently answer each one and even now he is still helping people here. What a guy! :vulcan: