Can I make a social media website Like Face Book with RW

Whilst the EU is hugely bureaucratic, It’s not a big brother thing at all. They simply want people to know what happens to their data and explicitly give permission for that. The problem is they have been hugely clumsy with the implementation of gdpr and don’t let people use their own intelligence. Hence we spend so much time closing pop up boxes about data now. An educational campaign would have been far more sensible. Same applies to cookie directive


(Whilst the EU is hugely bureaucratic, It’s not a big brother thing at all):face_with_raised_eyebrow:. That is your point of view and where and how you came to that conclusion is your responsibility to the youth of this country ( UK ) I am not going to challenge you. My soul purpose of starting this discussion is to allow individuals freedom of expression un hamper by bureaucratic overlords what ever there self appointed and unelected positions in governments around the world. My data has been sold misused and has been pirated against ( ME ) as an individual, I wish simply keep my transactions free of this. If you can help on this project fine I would be more than grateful. Today I will spend more of my short and valuable life trying to accomplish this. Thanks for the chat.

The simple answer is No. You can create a WordPress site, and use a plugin like BuddyPress or something to create a small scale area where you can have discussions with friends. You will then have to manage the site, keep it secure with various security plugins.

Slack does have a free plan keeping up to 10k post, and the “members” don’t pay for the other plans you would. Not that I think Slack is what you are looking for.
There are a lot of options outside RW that would work. For example, this forum we are on right now is using a product called Discourse, it’s an open source product that can be downloaded and hosted yourself for free, you can have complete managed forum hosting from $100/month, or have a Self-supported community install starting at $99 (+ $5.00 a month for hosting).
There are other forum products, but all require quite a lot of setup and admin time.

OK G/G’s from RW
I put this to members of RW.
Would it be possible to have on the first Page of the site a sign in page?. The sign in would be the email of guest and a password the password is the key to the site.Is there an existing page in stacks that allows entry to the RW site by password? Don’t worry about how the guest knows the password thats one up my sleeve.
So first requirement is a front page with a lock opened by the email of the visitor to the site.

Think your puppy’s are coming along nicely.

The most flexible way to lockdown all or parts of a RapidWeaver website would be to use Sitelok - Website Membership Software Online. It’sworks very well with RapidWeaver, they have a PDF guide on Using Sitelok with RW7 . There’s also stacks available from Joe Workman if you want help with the install.
There’s also Pagesafe from Joe Workman as well if you want just locking down a stacks page.

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Looking at site Joe Workman thanks for the tip.

Moving forward any ideas on how to make a website look like a book? so the pages appear to tun over. when viewing.

Maybe Pagelit by 1LD?

I do website development as a hobby. Some years back we decided that FB was not for us but we still wanted to link our scattered family and friends together more then email would allow. To that end I developed a site with our travels and family album. However, like Alex and Sunbeam, we desire more functionality. Blogging falls just short of ideal and so I have been waiting for that breakthrough stack in RW that will get me there. You can count me in with the growing numbers that want an alternative to FB!
Some really good learning insights have been posted here. Thank You.

I belive that your need and my need on this topic are just the tip o the iceberg!

Really? I don’t see it myself, but maybe I’m looking at it wrong. What functionality are you actually looking for?

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