Depth theme website help

Hi, Folks:

I built the following site using the Depth theme:

It’s quite slow to load, especially on the home page. Does anyone have any suggestions for changes that I can make to speed it up? Thanks!

Your banner images are huge! The snowy scene is 5.3Mb.Try to resize them down to ~1200 pixels and use a ‘squash’ type program to optimise them.

Your 5.3Mb file squashed and resized to 1200x900 is only 330Kb.

I can guarantee your site will load a hell of a lot faster with smaller images.

Try not to use png, jpgs are generally smaller files. Your sheepdog book image was a 258Kb .png and only a 58Kb jpg when exported from Apple Preview as a jpg and only 38Kb after being ‘squashed’.

Thanks for the tips–I did as you suggested and the site is loading much more quickly now. I guess I’ve gotten lazy about optimizing images in this day and age of broadband, but I’ll be more alert to it now. Thanks!

Yeah, remember that not everyone has a fast connection. It’s always a good idea to try and cater for those who have slow Internet.

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