Can I still upgrade to Rapidweaver 5?

Currently working with Rapidweaver 4.4.2… I’d like to upgrade to Rapidweaver 5, instead of 6. I am running other software of my business that can not run on OSX Mavericks, and I’m not ready to upgrade everything just to use Rapidweaver 6…

Is there a way to buy Rapidweaver 5, and not go to 6?




You can download RW 5.3.2 or 5.4.1(better for upgrading to RW 6) from this website. Try both.

But you have to upgrade from RW 4 to RW 5. I hope you can do this in RW 5 directly (buy a new serial).

When you buy RapidWeaver 6, we include a license for RapidWeaver 5 in your receipt :smile:


Got it, thanks for the help.