Can I still upgrade to Rapidweaver 5?

(Pete) #1

Currently working with Rapidweaver 4.4.2… I’d like to upgrade to Rapidweaver 5, instead of 6. I am running other software of my business that can not run on OSX Mavericks, and I’m not ready to upgrade everything just to use Rapidweaver 6…

Is there a way to buy Rapidweaver 5, and not go to 6?



(Oscar Schmid) #2


You can download RW 5.3.2 or 5.4.1(better for upgrading to RW 6) from this website. Try both.

But you have to upgrade from RW 4 to RW 5. I hope you can do this in RW 5 directly (buy a new serial).

(Nik Fletcher) #3

When you buy RapidWeaver 6, we include a license for RapidWeaver 5 in your receipt :smile:


(Pete) #4

Got it, thanks for the help.