Where can I download RapidWeaver 5?

Hi all,

I have a license for the old RapidWeaver 5 (which should be all that I need for now, just a personal website) - but where can I download the old version?




I suspect that many (most?) of us here would respectfully advise against going so far back to version 5.

Things have changed radically since those days. You’d probably be without any kind of support; few - if any - of the currently available add ons would work; and you’d be likely to run into many incompatibilities.

RW 8 has taken the whole concept and practice of web publishing a long way since 2010.

Strongly suggest buying the latest version. You won’t be sorry! Good luck…

Thanks, but I‘m neither a web designer who makes money with RapidWeaver nor do I need anything fancy. So why buy something I have no need for?

Sure, it would be nice to have the latest version, and all the plugins, and the newest Mac - but what for? My MacBook Pro from 2010 is plenty fast enough for everything I do (including running Win7, Win10, Ubuntu, Mint, Red Hat in a VM).

In a bind I could even just use a text editor, but as I have the old license and about a hundred stacks with it (bought the mega bundle at some point but never used it - which taught me the folly of buying things you don‘t need) why not get some use out of them?

I found RapidWeaver 5.4.1 on an external hard disk - anyone know if this is the last version? The update menu just throws an error …

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I won’t push the point; it’s up to you :slight_smile: .


It’s not so much about getting extra functionality which you don’t think you will need and may indeed not need as, about getting something that will work at all. I’d be surprised if your stacks and themes will work with RW 5 - it’s so old!

Indeed, your license may not even unlock it; and there’s no guarantee that it will work on whatever OS you have. Nor will it be supported in any way.

Trying to save you frustration :slight_smile:

Good luck!


My 17in MacBook Pro from 2010 runs Sierra, the stacks Mega Bundle was bought when Version 5 was the current one, and RW 5.4.1 runs fine (except it mucks up the saved state in the user library so I have to delete that file when I close RW5, otherwise it will not load again).

Funnily enough RW 4 runs fine on the same system without these problems. The reason I decided to move to RW 5 at all was that RW 4 does not support emojis (for example I want to use the flag emoji in menus and on the pages as I write my personal blog for all our relatives in English, German, and Dutch).

Btw I also have a license for RW 6 but never could get the hang of it. I still feel RW4 was the best version of the ones I have, and I might go back to RW 4 if RW 5 keeps annoying me.

There is a downloads page for archived versions somewhere but I could not find it. Shoot an email into Realmac and I am sure that they will get you a version that you need.



…some RW 5 links…otherwise google, duck or whatever for:
RapidWeaver 5 download :man_shrugging:t4:

But like the others mentioned above it’s really outdated :man_shrugging:t4: I would update too…

The official place to download any version of RW is here https://www.realmacsoftware.com/rapidweaver/releasenotes/


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