Can I transfer my RW website code to someone

I am selling my business and the new owners would like my website. I know I can transfer the domain name, but can I transfer an established website, it’s code etc. built with rapidweaver? Can the new owners take the code and upload it to their own cPanel, via their own hosting company?

You can transfer the finished site(the html,css,JavaScript PHP, etc) if that what you’re asking. You can give them a copy of the RapidWeaver project file. You can’t give them copies of RapidWeaver or any of the addons, plugins or stacks. They would need to purchase those themselves.

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The new Owners could take over your existing hosting plan also.
Or they download the recent site from your hosting company to theirs.

While owning just the code, the Buyers will loose all benefits from RapidWeavers ability to easily change the content of the page. Maybe you want also to hand over your RapidWeaver Project File.

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Thanks, this is what I was thinking and hoping I could offer. I am definitely going to recommend Rapidweaver to them, but that will be up to them.

If they have your project file and decide not to get Rapidweaver, they still can come here and someone will make changes for them if there is a need. I am sure about it.

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