Editing a RapidWeaver site OUTSIDE of Rapidweaver

Hi There, I may soon have to tell a client I no longer wish to manage/update his site (or f*****f).

The site was naturally created in RW. Is there a way for other web designers to take over a RW created site without having to use RW which they might not want to do??

If they know what they’re doing, they could “hack” away at certain files to edit some CSS or HTML. But there’s no efficient or long-term solution for managing an RW site without RapidWeaver.

Not really, Bernard. Sure, they could bring in the text and photos into another design program but it’d be long-winded and duplicating the functionality would be uncertain.

Better to find someone who uses RW and see if they’d be willing to take it on. Or get them to buy a copy and train them up, if that’s an option?


Have a look at Total CMS or Easy CMS. https://total-cms.com/

This only gives control over the content. And possibly some layout.

It’s really not any different than going the other way. Take a site created in something like DreamWeaver or Wordpress and create a RapidWeaver site.

  • Build a basic skeleton site in the chosen framework.
  • Copy and paste from the existing site into the new site.

Since you’re leaving the client, all you really can do is offer to help with the “turnover” to the next person supporting the site. Of course if this is a paid client, I would charge for those turnover hours.

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