Can I use a .docx file?

I have been emailed a .docx file from a client asking me to add the contents of the 4 pages to her website.

I"m not even sure how to open it, let alone extract the images. Is this something I should be able to do?

Or can I ask her to send the files seperately? I dont want to tell her I can’t. Then someoone else tell her oh its really easy!

Microsoft Word or Apple Pages should open it. No you can’t use it on the Internet directly, would need to copy and paste as plan text.

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Thanks yes I am googling instructions like mad and seems “pages” should open it for me. Though in my case nothing happens.

I know that I will have to recreate all the pages onto the website. My problem is extracting the images from .docx

Word (docx) docs open fine for me in Pages - Right click > Open with > Select Pages.

Another option is File Juicer it rips all text and images from any document (and does lots more!)

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Pages can sometimes be finicky about opening certain DOCX files. I find LibreOffice or Google Doc’s sometimes works better.

To display the contents of the file in your website, you will have to copy and paste the contents into a webpage as plain text. DOCX is not a web safe file format.

Alternatively if you want people to view the file online, you could add the file as a resource in the RapidWeaver sidebar and create a link to have the file open with the Google Doc’s viewer:

Modify the above link query string with the actual full URL of the file on your server. This is what we use for previewing DOCX files in Paperless.

There is a 25 MB limit for the Google Doc’s Viewer. But it will handle Microsoft Office documents, Photoshop / Illustrator / PDF files and some other file formats relating to CAD.

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I’d get the client to send the images separately as JPGs - or a hi res format you can convert into JPGs. Images inserted into Word can behave bizarrely - indeed Word is a nest of vipers when it comes to getting content out of it and into a web page!

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Gosh thanks guys! So kind to give all this advice. Its all the answers I needed and more.
I have used a bit of all answers.
Here is my solution incase its of any interest to next person having similar problem.
pages wont open the doc for me …no idea why.
The answer WOULD have been to get client to send images seperatey … in the case of this client, I cant see it hapening.
File Juicer solved that problem instantly! So thank you for that. The trial version (free) has a watermark. So im going to buy it today.
As a side note… I made this clients site to their specifications 3 years ago. I was a fairly idiotic design they had come up with and meant that all images had to be exact same dimentions throughout. Ever since …she has been sending me images that dont fit the design … often too small low res in the first place.
I should have put my foot down right at the begining, but was going on the lines of the customer is always right.
Im rebuilding the site now in foundry. It allows for any sizes and limitless new pages.
It also looks 100 times more professional and makes the absolute most of the large images available. SO … big lesson! Don’t get forced into starting off with a crap restricting design

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