Document Library

I want to create an online library of documents (several hundred documents). I already have the documents on my Mac and want to put them on various pages of my RW project according to topic/subject.
I know that I can add the files into resources individually and then link to them from text on a page. However this is going to be very tedious due to the number of files involved.
Is there anyway of importing the files in bulk directly into the pages so that just the file names are displayed?

Do the docs need to retain formatting? What type of docs are they? (txt, pages, etc) I made a system once where my site was basically housed in Filemaker Pro. I copied the code from a page styled as I wanted it and stored that code in Filemaker along with my “report”. I then setup an Export to merge everything together to make html pages. It’s really quite simple if you know how to use Filemaker. But it all depends on the format your current docs are in.

The files are a combination of jpeg, doc txt and pdf.
All I am trying to achieve is a list of files on the website that can be downloaded individually when they are clicked on

If you upload the content to your server I think there are some stacks that would do what you want. I think for example X-Ray.

There may be others also. I’ve not used X-ray personally.