Show dropbox folder content on a website

Is there a stack that allows us to show a the list of files on a dropbox folder? in particular this would concern PDF files in most cases. Because they change constantly and various people upload and delete, we do not want something where each link needs to get set in a stack. That would be crazy work. haha :slight_smile:.


I don’t know of a way to do this with DropBox. However, you can use @joeworkman’s x-Ray stack to view content on your server.

You can then use Dispatch Server to be able to upload files to your server from a web page.

Good suggestion. Does “view content” mean actually opening and viewing a pdf for instance or just “seeing” the file? That was never real clear to me :slight_smile:

Having a way to “sync” data files from DropBox or Box to RW resources, could potentially solve a lot of issues.

On the other hand, it may be just as powerful, to be able to see the Dropbox links to all documents that need to be shared… That would require copying or showing the latest dropbox directory content.

X-Ray will provide you with an option to allow the folders and resources the be clickable links.

This will allow you to get both the url to the file for sharing, “warehousing”, and to directly open the files with in the browser.

Of corse, you can always right click on a link and select to download the file to your computer.