Can I use CSS to control the size of images on a webpage?

Morning weavers, hope someone can help.

I have been working on a clients website here:
Everything has gone really well, very happy client, happy days.

However they wanted to integrate a newsletter that they subscribe to from a third party provider. After receiving some guidance from the third party I have managed to get the newsletter on the site as a new .php page. Great. It’s here:

The problem I now have is the size of some of the images associated with the articles, are huge and take up a lot of the screen. I have been told I can style them, but I can’t figure out how. I have tried with my very very limited knowledge of CSS to do this but so far nothing works.

If anyone with a bit more experience has any ideas or suggestions, I would be very pleased to hear them.



Hi @MrB

Try adding this CSS to your page or project (as you see fit):

img.article_img {
    max-width: 60%;

Use the value in there to tune the image size to your preference.

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