How do I make site logo larger in Theme

New to this.

I’ve got a small 3 page website, but there logo is half the size it needs to be.

I was a bar to make it a bit larger but enlarging the actual image, but it seems a limit is set, which is way too narrow.

Searched, can’t find any documentation.

Any advice, please?

That’s probably going to depend on the theme, you need to give a URL so we can see whats going on.

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I’ve been trying to research, and have found I need to save alterations in the code section, for site wide changes.

The line I want to alter is

Mail Manager

which is almost double the width of my existing logo.

The theme is a custom theme based on the Theme default in the beginners videos.

I can see all the code for the changed Logo, but can’t work out how to select it all and copy it, to paste it into the CSS part of the Code, which I presume I need to do.

I’ve been reading this… Can't save modfications

Darn it, my pasting did not work.

The site here I’ve been reading is From this forum

The code line was… <img src="files/mail_manager_72_dpi.png" width="5040" height="675" alt="Mail Manager" style="width: 1150px;">

You need to give us a URL so we can help. Even if you just publish to a temp folder.
The code above is the html for the image, we need to be able to see if/how it is being styled by the Theme’s CSS.

Oh, I see. Thank you.

Here’s my unfinished site.

The App is finished with a 60 day trial, but no way yet of buying it. (That will be more questions)

I should have added, the present logo size ( I think 635px) I increased to 1150, and the ?Logo immediately enlarged to the size /i want. However, every refresh /it went back to small again.

Perhaps this thread may be useful?

OK, I put

.site-logo img {
width: 1050px !important;
into my CSS in Code (I hope that’s where it goes), and my project consistently shows a larger Logo. I updated my temporary Theme, and Published, and my site Logo is still small. Obviously stuffing something up!

Any guidance, please?

Aaahhhhh, it was bloody Safari. It was using it’s cache. Hit refresh, and alls well. Many Many thanks Rob

Good stuff Brian. Have a good day.

Maybe not quite time for back slapping just yet. Your “mail_manager_72_dpi.png” image is 8.3Mb in size and is killing your page load time… Consider optimising that image for the web. For an image of that simplicity it should be possible to get that down to between 100 and 200 Kb. Also it does not look very sharp to me - even at 8.3Mb - you may want to consider re-making it entirely. Up to you of course.

FIUXED. Thanks klamath