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I have used Adobe Dreamweaver on my website. Can I use RapidWeaver to edit and continue to upload the files to my existing site with the Rapid"Waver built in FTP?

Basically, no.

But you could easily rebuild the site using RapidWeaver and then use the built in FTP.

RW isn’t an HTML editor, although you can use HTML within RapidWeaver pages.

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I’ve basically copied and pasted old sites into RW. You can either copy the html and paste it into html stacks or you can copy and paste plain text from the published site and then apply suitable formatting. It can be tedious but less so than starting from scratch.

You’ve copied the whole websites into RW? Navigation menus, CSS styling, the whole 9 yards?

No, not possible. RW is not an html editor; it is a WYSIWYG web design program. However, creating new navbars is not a major job. Recreating the styling of the site is not very hard and some of it can certainly be copied. I had a book website with specially styled pieces of text for the publication details. I copied the html straight into RW and the relevant CSS directly into RW’s site-wide CSS. To copy a site’s current appearance accurately, you really need a blank theme such as Foundation.

Having said that, moving a site to RW is a good opportunity/excuse to redesign it. I’ve redesigned this particular site at least three times since moving to RW, but it still has some of the original html. You can paste sections of html directly into html stacks (or the wonderful Scribe stacks).

I know all of that.

Your comment that you “copied and pasted old sites” is misleading to say the least.

You basically just repeated, or didn’t bother reading, my original reply which basically said you said.

I’m sorry if you think it was misleading. I read your original comments. My point was that it is quite practical to do it for a whole site and I added quite a lot of practical detail.

I think we’re going to see a few more of the “old” DreamWeaver folks pop up. If they’re running the older pre Creative Cloud Subscriptions of DreamWeaver it stops working with Catalina like all 32bit applications.

RapidWeaver is great but it’s not an HTML editor and doesn’t let you edit the actual HTML prior to publishing like DreamWeaver did.

Here’s another post on the subject:

Thanks for the information. I will think on that.

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