Edit page online

I am seeking a addons to change the content of a page online,

thank you

Probably the best option is using Armadillo. It allows you to create a blog online, but just as important it allows you to specify content areas on your site (what Armadillo calls “solo content”) that can be edited online. Joe Workman’s Total and Easy CMS packages will also do this, but I have not used them myself.

Easy CMS will allow you to edit text and images. Joe also uses a macro to allow you to edit text and images in other stacks, it should work for most stacks, but not all.

Total CMS has a ton of more options, galleries, news feeds, file depots, videos, blogs (currently in beta) and much more, and again, you can use the macros to have it work with other stacks.

One really cool feature about both, let’s say you have a cool image stack from another developer, that your client wants to control content on. As long as that stack has an option for warehoused images, you can have an image upload area in your admin page (which you create by the way), then get the URL for that image, which NEVER changes, and put it into the warehouse image link of the image stack and anytime the client changes that image, it will change in the image stack and on the page. All with OUT republishing.

Good luck in your search!!


I didn’t know you could do that with EasyCMS. I’ve just used Stellar’s Warehouse Image stack and done exactly that and it works a treat. Thanks for the tip!

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As you see there are several options available…

  1. Armadillo - requires a database

  2. Easy/Total CMS do not require a database

  3. Typed.com and inStacks Blog stack - requires an online account (free if you just want a blog with the basic theme) and allows for online blogging which can be included into your site without the need for editing in RapidWeaver. Full edibility at typed.com.

Each has its strengths and weaknesses, likes/dislikes/ followers/non-followers

All provide trial versions (except inStacks Blog stack - free with silver or gold RapidWeaver subscription though)

My suggestion is you give each a whirl AFTER viewing their respective support videos on vimeo and youtube. Watching those first might help you make a more informed decision on which way to go.


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Yes, that is why you should contact other devs and request warehouse options. It opens the world to so much more if they do that for you!!


Been wanting to ask this question for awhile…

RE: Warehoused images

What app do you use to be able to view the live warehoused images on the server in order to select them properly (visually) and use them in RW? I’ve tried with Transmit but don’t seem to be able to get a visual of the image but can grab the url without issue.


Thanks for your answers,

I needed something very simple and I found this: Edits Stack

@Turtle When you select an image in Transmit and then press the space bar, you can see a preview of the image (just as it works in the Finder).

Thanks @RapidBase, I was looking for more of a preview all images as can be done in finder but all I get with Transmit is jpg file or png file instead of a preview as I scroll down the folder contents (that’s a lot of spacebar pressing ;). If it takes another pice of software then that’s cool too, just need to know what it is.


@RapidBase, @zeebe

Never mind… Transmit Disk does exactly what I want…


Hey, great! Never thought about Transmit Disk. Will have to try that … :slight_smile:

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The problem with using the spacebar to view images is that it defaults to a white background so you won’t see white images on a transparent background.

I find a better way is to sync your server and local warehouse folders and then use something like Pixa to view the images. This has the advantage of having a backup of your warehouse folder.

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