Can not export site "Exception while exporting site"

All was working fine, using RW5.4.1 (yes I know there is a 6, had problems updating and importing my site), and suddenly (site last updated 12/11/2016, now I’m trying in mid-January to update again) when I try to publish I get “Exception while exporting site QTMovie_QuickTime class must be initialized on the main thread”. If I ignore this and try again, I don’t get error again but the program hangs interminably attempting to export and must be Force Quit. I have restarted computer. No other changes that I know of to computer. Running OS 10.10.5 (no change there either). Any ideas?


Rebuild/convert your .mov files to .mp4 files and change all references to them in the Project.

First thought that comes to mind… but depends on what stack/page type/plugin you are using…


I don’t believe I have any .mov or .mp4 files on my site.