RW 5 constantly crashing - can't upload

I have been using RW5 for a few sites without issue. All of a sudden it decided to become infected with gremlins.

version RW 5.4.1

This past week I’ve been working on all sites to be httpS compliant and lots of the images where there are links need fixing.
I’m not changing anything in my RW site projects other than some image URL’s in the sidebar or footers.

EVERY time I try to upload to the server the RW crashes. EVERY TIME.
This has been going on for the last 4 days.
Does not matter what site I try to upload. Stacks, no stacks, a blank page to test, the program crashes.

Any clue would be helpful because I need to get this done and finished.

Just export your site locally and then upload it to the server with a separate FTP client (Transmit, Yummy, etc.). That is a fool-proof method that never fails.

Good to know but can you tell me how to export it for this purpose? That I don’t know how to do. Sounds like I’ll be needing to know this and exporting locally does not sound the same as saving it.

Also would like to stop it from crashing regardless. Not really enjoying having a program that doesn’t work fully. :slight_smile:

Don’t know how much of this applies to RW5 but might want to check out this KB article:

Again don’t know about RW5 but to export in RW6 and RW7 there is an option in the file menu called export site
It will prompt you for a folder, that will produce all the files you need to use a FTP client with.

Awesome thank you! I’ll play around tomorrow. you guys rock. Yes there is an “export site” option in RW5


The issue is not things mentioned in the link. The site just crashes. No warning, no incorrect paths, just crashes. I was using the program all last week and then suddenly on Friday it started this nonsense. The second I hit the “publish” button I put the site password in, test the connection and it’s all fine. I hit “publish” and poof! it crashes and all windows gone. It doesn’t even stay as an active app (dot indicator under app icon in dock) in the dock. I can reopen it and it says it crashed and asks would I like to send the crash report to apple. Not so sure they’ll do a damn thing for me on this LOL

Publishing issues are the most serious shortcoming of RW. Some people say they never have them. That I can not believe. I had them for as long as I can remember (at least since version 4.x). So I stopped using the Publish function altogether. Instead, I use local exporting and manual uploading to my server, using Transmit FTP client. This method never fails me.

The export works nicely. Played around earlier today. But my issue truly is not related to publishing. There is a problem with the app itself IMO. The app crashes. That’s not a failure to publish, that’s an app issue. I just don’t want to have to convert all the sites to a newer version manually.

Sounds like your using an app-store version? You said the crash report was going to Apple. Apple will forward these to the vendor (RealMac), the problem I think on getting support is RW 5 is two releases back (2014 ish), so I won’t expect a fix being made. You have probably updated OS-X several times and there may be a compatibility issue.

You could try to contact RealMac directly.

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You know I don’t remember. It may be because at the time I purchased it it was an upgrade from a lower version but Realmac was having everyone download from the app store. If I’m remembering correctly.

You should be able to tell, again I don’t know about RW5, but with most apps the application pull down, won’t have a registration/licence or check for updates.
You can also open the app store and look under “purchased.”
If it’s from the App store you should be able to delete it from your applications folder and reinstall. Might not help but might be worth a shot.
If you purchased from RealMac then you could try to reinstall it from:

Someone from RealMac (@LaPan) might be able to advise you on what they would try.