Can not move from View to Edit mode - Solved

RW8 RWSkins Mojave file will not move from VIEW mode to edit mode. I checked the similar past topics and yes, I did try to bring in blocks 4 but I did not do it correctly and do not know how to delete it.

My previously saved file of this site has issues so I can not go back to it. I’ll remedy that after this is fixed to save a copy that works.

I moved from the theme flood theme Mountains to skins and it shows skins under themes but what is showing is Mountains.

Sorry, I messed it all up !! Thanks for helping! and happy new year!

Not sure I understand what you are saying is going on.

If you can’t select edit mode, make sure you are not on Master Style and are on a page.

I can’t see anything about Master Style. Since I am only in View mode, I do not have a left column to see or select anything.

You should be able to view the page list even in preview mode.

Try ⌥Opt+⌘ Cmd+L or View menu>show page list or the Inspector button:

Ah, the keystrokes did it! Yes, in master style. I will note those. Many thanks.

Also, where can I learn the basics of using stacks? I assume they can be integrated with a theme, not used just alone?

I have too many years since using the RW program, hopelessly out of date and brainpower.

You saved me!

Here’s a good starting point

Many thanks for your assistance!

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I see that I ought to put Solved on the subject, but I can’t see where to do that.

You should see a little pencil icon on the original post. Just click that and it should let you edit the title:

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