Can RapidWeaver 8 create tables?

I know this might be a daft question but I have used many free web builders and they all lack the one feature I need to use on my website. Tables and columns…etc. I am a writer and I have an archive page for my content which lists them all as such e.g: No.# | Title | Release date … etc.

Like how Wikipedia enables users to create tables/columns…

I appreciate your time. I wanted to confirm that RapidWeaver enables this feature before I purchase the software.

You really need to get Stacks if you want to get the most out of RW. If you have Stacks, there are many stacks which can create tables or display Google sheets. The free Scribe stack uses Markdown, which has good table support, but you still need to buy Stacks. If you don’t want to but Stacks, RW itself supports Markdown. Even if you don’t know Markdown, you can pick it up easily.

Wonderful, thanks ever so much Peter, much appreciated!

If you have the Stacks plugin, take a look at Table Builder -

I use it all over the place, for example here -


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