Tables support?

Is there a point-and-click way of making tables? Or should I just enter the TR TD stuff by hand?

There are several grid/table stacks. You can also use MarkDown, which is a very easy way to create tables. Big White Duck’s free Scribe stack is great for MarkDown.

If you’re using stacks there’s a number of options:

If you’re using styled text pages then you might be stuck doing them by hand(html).

As @peterdanckwerts points out Markdown makes it easy.

Some of the stacks options also allow you to import the data from cvs files that most spreadsheets can export.

Hm. HTML 1.0 functionality not supported in a generation 8 web site builder? I seem to recall that the original Adobe PageMill had that 20+ years ago.

Or I can pay extra for a “stack” on top of a product that I’ve spent quite a bit of money on already. I think the last time I bought some stack it became unsupported and incompatible in a later version of RW.

Guess I need to check out that markdown stuff. Where do I find that in the manual?

Markdown is easy to learn, shouldn’t take more than an hour.


Web tutorial and guides

If you want markdown support for creating more complicated tables … then I use this:

Has proven to be very useful. Please note: this just creates the markdown table. This and the other suggestions do not style the table via CSS.

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The row Stack from Joe Workman has a point-and-click way to build it. I use it, when I do not have any CSV-file, cannot reproduce it in csv or if to lazy to do so. Anyway, I think in your case it is worth a look:

Hope that helps.

I use Markdown, especially when the table is in a body of text. This page is markdown from below the first divider line, using BWD’s Scribe stack. When I get the newsletter in an MS Word doc, I just copy all the text, strip out all the formatting and paste it into the Scribe stack. I then use markdown formatting to add the headings, links and tables. If you look at the screenshot, you can see I didn’t even bother to tidy the table text up, just added the markdown to produce the table. I have added a bit of simple css to colour the heading background and to stretch the table across the whole page.

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If you decide to go the Stacks route, I’d recommend this - - superb stack.

@Ruyton This looks good but you would need to approach it in a different way if you were wanting/needing your tables to be responsive (or even just to add a x-overflow / scrollbar to them). At the minute you can’t see all columns on a mobile device.

Then Chillidog’s Grid Iron stack is what you need.

Or rather what you need?

If you wanted to stick with markdown / Scribe then you would be best putting the tables into their own stack and then targetting those stacks with some css to allow overflow.

I wouldn’t expect members to really read the monthly newsletter on a phone, so my screenshot and link were just a ‘for example’ demo of how markdown works. It’s just not worth the bother of setting up a separate section with Grid Iron just to show those tables. Turn your phone through 90 deg and the markdown table is fine :slight_smile:

If you want something nicer and you have the time, then Grid Iron is the answer. If the display isn’t wide enough for the browser, you get a ‘+’ icon to load the additional fields. This is my cheap and nasty Moto G5 Android phone.

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