Tables support?

(Victor Eijkhout) #1

Is there a point-and-click way of making tables? Or should I just enter the TR TD stuff by hand?

(Peter Danckwerts) #2

There are several grid/table stacks. You can also use MarkDown, which is a very easy way to create tables. Big White Duck’s free Scribe stack is great for MarkDown.

(Doug Bennett) #3

If you’re using stacks there’s a number of options:

If you’re using styled text pages then you might be stuck doing them by hand(html).

As @peterdanckwerts points out Markdown makes it easy.

Some of the stacks options also allow you to import the data from cvs files that most spreadsheets can export.

(Victor Eijkhout) #4

Hm. HTML 1.0 functionality not supported in a generation 8 web site builder? I seem to recall that the original Adobe PageMill had that 20+ years ago.

Or I can pay extra for a “stack” on top of a product that I’ve spent quite a bit of money on already. I think the last time I bought some stack it became unsupported and incompatible in a later version of RW.

Guess I need to check out that markdown stuff. Where do I find that in the manual?

(Doug Bennett) #5

Markdown is easy to learn, shouldn’t take more than an hour.


Web tutorial and guides

(Mathew Mitchell) #6

If you want markdown support for creating more complicated tables … then I use this:

Has proven to be very useful. Please note: this just creates the markdown table. This and the other suggestions do not style the table via CSS.

(Michael) #7

The row Stack from Joe Workman has a point-and-click way to build it. I use it, when I do not have any CSV-file, cannot reproduce it in csv or if to lazy to do so. Anyway, I think in your case it is worth a look:

Hope that helps.

(Gary Wann) #8

I use Markdown, especially when the table is in a body of text. This page is markdown from below the first divider line, using BWD’s Scribe stack. When I get the newsletter in an MS Word doc, I just copy all the text, strip out all the formatting and paste it into the Scribe stack. I then use markdown formatting to add the headings, links and tables. If you look at the screenshot, you can see I didn’t even bother to tidy the table text up, just added the markdown to produce the table. I have added a bit of simple css to colour the heading background and to stretch the table across the whole page.

(Rob Beattie) #9

If you decide to go the Stacks route, I’d recommend this - - superb stack.

(Stuart Marshall) #10

@Ruyton This looks good but you would need to approach it in a different way if you were wanting/needing your tables to be responsive (or even just to add a x-overflow / scrollbar to them). At the minute you can’t see all columns on a mobile device.

(Gary Wann) #11

Then Chillidog’s Grid Iron stack is what you need.

(Stuart Marshall) #12

Or rather what you need?

If you wanted to stick with markdown / Scribe then you would be best putting the tables into their own stack and then targetting those stacks with some css to allow overflow.

(Gary Wann) #13

I wouldn’t expect members to really read the monthly newsletter on a phone, so my screenshot and link were just a ‘for example’ demo of how markdown works. It’s just not worth the bother of setting up a separate section with Grid Iron just to show those tables. Turn your phone through 90 deg and the markdown table is fine :slight_smile:

If you want something nicer and you have the time, then Grid Iron is the answer. If the display isn’t wide enough for the browser, you get a ‘+’ icon to load the additional fields. This is my cheap and nasty Moto G5 Android phone.

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