Word columns in Text page


i am creating a website for a camping site. and i now run into trouble with creating a page for the pricing. i received this in a word document with a certain layout.

Is it posible to create this without stacks?

i hope you can help me out
thanks for your help.

You could use the HTML page type and then something like this.

It would be a lot easier with Stacks and something like Table Builder.

thanks i will give it a try other wise i will have to move over to Stacks i think

Unless your budget is very tight, moving to Stacks will open up many, many doors for you. In many ways it’s the tune that Rapidweaver sings.


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For my money - the most versatile table stack I have found is Zebra Tables - I’ve used it in multiple situations and it has worked beautifully. One of the tables which is quite similar to yours @f2_ride is here:

http://www.middlemarchesbenefice.org/BENEFICE/benefice_faq.html under Special services charges