Meta Tags, what are they for and how to use them

I have been doing this for a min, however I am not a professional at all. What is a meta tag and do I need it?

Hi Gary, please check this video it may help:

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OK I get how to add it, but are they needed and whey are they for?

Hi @garyp

The best way to know what they are and why use them is to Google about them, I’ve just did a quick search, Google shows several results about it, here’s an example that maybe can help you out:


One of my big questions is this (RW 7): The Code settings page, Meta Tags tab. There’s Name, and there’s content. It doesn’t look like a place to put HTML code. I can’t see that when I type in a description it adds code to my page. Are meta tags only supposed to go in the source (between Head tags), or is that different from what RW is referring to at Meta Tags in the Code settings page? Thanks in advance.

Although I think the video posted above by Weaver may have answered my questions.