Help! can you see this site properly or not? Because I can't get to it!

Hi all, this is weird. The site in question (non Rapidweaver currently) is here:
I can’t actually get to this site, on my imac, my ipad, my iphone or my laptop. If I type it straight into a URL or go through google, I get the default 1and1 page. I’ve eaten my cookies and baked my beans, I just can’t seem to get the proper website to show in any browser. Not sure what else to do.

Is it just me? Can YOU get to the right website?

Working fine here in Chrome. No 1&1 landing page or branding visible. Just loads the normal website. But it is painfully slow to load. Total page size is over 26mb! :astonished:

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That link opens fine to the website for me on Safari desktop.

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Hi Gabrielle - Can see your site using the link in your posting. Copy & paste into firefox works fine. Gotta say the site is not short of images.

In chrome Canary I get the default 1 1 page:

I see the default 1 1 page as well

Looks fine here in the Eastern US… Food looks delicious… and I’m dieting… :frowning:

I’m in the eastern US, I get the default. Must be a DNS issue

In Safari in California I see the default.

Thanks for all your input guys, is there anything I can tell them to help them out? What does a DNS issue mean and how would they sort it?

Assuming the site is actually there, and some people see it while others can’t. And, I am also assuming it’s not a CDN issue (CloudFlare or similar). That usually means there is something amiss with the name server propagation. Real Mac had a bout of that a while back.

Since he can see it ask David @thang to give you the ip in his dns settings, change yours to match, - does it show up?
Or try one of the public DNS servers in your settings and see if it shows up.

Tell your host whats going on, they will have to fix it.

I can see it as well, @Gabrielle My IP is

I’d agree with swilliam though - your/their host should be able to troubleshoot

Works fine here in the UK on all browsers using my normal ISP route, also works if I use VPN via the USA.

The IP I get for the site is I’m Southern California btw.

I was referring to your DNS Server settings (under network in system settings on your Mac)

Oh, right. My setting is

Mine is But I’ve absolutely no idea what to do with this information.

This is what I get in the US.

Whats my DNS looks OK for that URL:

My IP address (shouldn’t matter)

My DNS addresses are:

The 192.168 address is going to your router. You would need to log onto your router to find the DNS it is using.

Thanks everyone I’ll pass this info onto the client.