RapidWeaver 6.4 Website not supported by Internet Explorer

Hi, we have noticed the last few months that Internet Explorer is not supporting our Website, which we created on RapidWeaver 6.4. We have no idea how to fix the problem and we are wondering if you have any suggestions on how to fix the problem. The website URL is www.stjacobsfurnishings.ca . Any help is appreciated.

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Could you tell us a little more about what is not being rendered correctly and what version of IE you are having issues with?

We personally saw the issues on IE 11 but customers have also called in saying they could not view the website. So I am not sure what version they where using. The webpage is being shown without the menu, as well as not showing parts of the main page. So basically when you visit it you are stuck on parts of homepage with no where to go.

looks as though there is a bug in the Mirage them. The following statement in the them template is not coded coreectly:

The %pathto is not getting resolved. This appears to be in an IE CSS line.

Would suggest you first make sure you are running latest version of the theme and if so contact @willwood as he now supports this theme.

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Thank you, how do we check to make sure we have the most recent version of the theme Mirage?

We have RapidWeaver 6.4.

Manually you can check the version by selecting the add-on manager select themes and find your theme the version you have would show below the thme. then go to the vendor website and find what version is current.

There is an add-on(plug-in) called waterfall that does the checking and updating for you:

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