Can’t upload anymore!

Hello everyone,
I am no longer able to upload my site, every time I have this error, it seems due to Sitemap Plus of Yourhead, what does it say to someone?

MacPro: 64 Gig ram
MaOs: Mojave 10.14.5
Rapidweaver: Version 8.2 (20697b)
Sitemap Plus: 3.10

Thank you for your help.

That is a beta version. You may have discovered a bug in the beta.

You should report the problem on this thread:

You can get the last production version here:

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HI Teefers,

It was doing the same with the non-beta version, I had this problem since many version of Rapidweaver, lets say about 6 month (with many site), but I was able ton upload after 2-3 try, now dose not work anymore!

I just remove SitmapPlus and I no problem uploading.

Weird bug!

I think that’s the current version of sitemap plus. You could try to download the latest version from Yourheads website and try again. There was an update not that long ago to fix an issue with one of the RW8 releases. Not at a Mac now so can’t check what is current.

I’m using Mojave 10.14.3 and RW 8.1.7. And Sitemap Plus.Without problems.
Just checked and there is an update for Mojave 10.14.4 available to me , not 10.14.5.
Are you also beta testing the OS?

If you can share the broken project with me, I can probably identify and fix this bug.

@all: Thank you for you’re help!
@curiouschuck: Yes I’m in beta testing, I was trying that to fix, but it was doing the same in none beta testing (the problem appear few months ago, but I was able to upload after 2-3 try) except with version 8.2 it does not work anymore, I have to remove sitemapPlus.
@Isaiah: Thank you Isaiah, you can download the file RW here:, but it does the same with all my RW project, no exception.


any development in this problem?

I download the new version of Sitemap Plus an now everything is back to normal, just want to let you know!

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:+1: sorry for the delay. hopefully i’ll have a final release out soon (instead of just the beta)

Update: I released Sitemap v3.1.1 PlusKit v4.1.5 – both should auto-update if you are running a recent version. If you have trouble with the update, you can always just go to and download the latest version by clicking the Download button and install in the regular way.

If you have any other issues, please feel free to contact our support line –
Christi has been doing tech support for Mac software since 1995 and is very patient at helping people with tough problems. :slight_smile:


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