Can you help me figure out why my responsive website is not longer responsive?

I created a new website in Tesla last year to get up to speed on the whole responsive thing, and when I first put it together it passed the Google Webmaster Tools test for being mobile friendly. Now it looks like I’ve fallen out of grace, mainly because the content on my writing sample pages is non-responsive. Would you agree? Site is

If the content is indeed the problem, I want to fix it ASAP. Would it be quicker to download Stacks and figure out how to address the problem in that program (bearing in mind that I am extremely stupid when it comes to learning new software), or would I be better off simply replacing the sample content with links to downloads? Thanks!

Hi there,

in what sense isn’t it responsive?

If you mean the sub-menus (Sample Press, Sample TV) ‘disappear’ then that’s because they’ve been moved to the mobile menu and visitors will find them there.

I agree the page as it stands would be confusing on a smartphone because it looks like there aren’t any samples.

If you went the Stacks route then you could grab a Show/Hide stack and create a separate set of links to the samples that only appear on mobile devices.

Alternatively if you want to stick with Styled Text pages (if that’s what you’re using) you could create a simple set of links at the top of the page and then use the @media CSS control to ensure they only display on mobile devices.

Unless I’ve misunderstood.


The specific Google comments that pop up on some of the samples pages are:

1 Viewport not configured 6
2 Small font size 6
3 Touch elements too close 6
4 Content not sized to viewport 2

It sounds like the lack of scalability on some of the samples’ content is making Google throw up. So the design is responsive, but the content inside them isn’t? “Touch elements too close” doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, since the Tesla tabs (which are the only “touch elements” I can think of that would apply here ) automatically collapse into a mobile-friendly menu when I shrink the window size.

Do you mean the page speed test? I put your ‘sample press release’ page in and you’re showing up fine for me on the mobile-friendly test. On page speed you’re also 100% on mobile user experience.

As with most, there are page speed suggestions/deductions, but that isn’t a responsive thing.

Hmm. On further examination, it appears that I’m passing Google Developers’ Mobile Friendly Test, but failing Google Webmaster Tools’ Mobile Usability test. LOL.