RW sites are not responsive

Ive made a site but when published it appears none responsive i.e. the columns etc are not collapsing to stack on top each other. It appears on an iPhone ( tested on a 5 - 6 and a 7 and an I pad ) as a normal site which you have to expand with your fingers.
Ive tried it on Depth - Strata-Majestic - Foundation then i stripped the site down to too simple text columns - these do not become responsive or in fact change to responsive when published.
Ive tried three different domains - none work.
The only time Ive got a responsive site to work at all is when I used the Depth demo site and uploaded that to another domain. Old sites that have already been uploaded still work .
Ive re installed RW still the same .
Can hosting companies affect this ? I use Fast Hosts and have done for at least 15 years ( just checked fast hosts and they said nothing has been changed recently )

Odd. Can you provide a URL so we can see the site?


yes very odd , spent 10 to 15 hours on it now
the site is just one page at the moment cos i dont want to go further with it until i know it can be fixed

the domain that is used is a redirect from
I have tried it on other domains to see if the redirect had an impact but it doesn’t.

Looks fine to me. How are you testing it? Just changing the browser window size isn’t representative of how things will work on mobile etc.

Just tested this on the Mac in Safari and on the iPhone, it looks great and is responsive!

Maybe you’ve fixed it already?


It responds ( Collapses ) in Safari but not on a phone I’ve just asked another with an iPhone 8 and next with an android and the same non responsive.
The navigation has stopped working again as well , which i thought i had fixed. works fine on an iPhone doesn’t, but typing that address into Safari on iOS doesn’t re-direct me to either, so I’d suggest there’s something willocky going on with the re-direct/URLs.


Thank you Rob

I think you’ve pointed me down a different path.
Ive just read that a web forwarding via a masked redirect creates a frame, If this is correct and the frame could prevent the responsive ability to work. So Im removing the masked domain and trying a permanent redirect 301 ?
That would mean that the redirect went straight to the site without any frames ( not really sure what I’m talking about here ) BUT IT WORKS the support on Fasthosts said they’d never come across this either. Thats why Dan could see it and i couldn’t cos iv only tested it on devonheat and not directly inputting newton abbot etc , and think Dan did.
I like solving things , i realise my web skills are equal to a child building a house with a plastic hammer but i do try very hard :slight_smile:

Thank you Dan - i think the mystery is solved

hi thanks
it was tested on several devices

Using an iPhone 5C

  1. Typed Devonheat which redirected correctly.
  2. Menu works.
  3. Navigation works.
  4. Using Safari.

It’s a lovely website.

What is meant to be the problem?


Just tested it on iPhone 7s in Germany (tmobile) and every things works :+1: Lovely site and the first one (except the demo) made with depth, I see. Looks great :grinning:

Hi the issue was, after much trial and error, that I had set up a masked domain redirect. Unknowing at the time , that the masked domain creates a frame , and it was this that was stopping the responsiveness working . BUT only on the masked domain not the destination domain. This is why some were seeing it working ok and others, including me, not. So they were typing in newtonabbot etc and i was working on devon heat. it all got very confusing and messy !!!

But once i put a permanent redirect on devon heat instead it worked fine . Happy days !


thank you :slight_smile:

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Gern geschehen, we say in German :grinning:

Site looks very nice - subtle parallax is excellent. Only change I would make is colour of phone number on mobile home page - maybe links are set to ‘black’? Much better in white as on full screen.

i " think " but I’m not 100% confident in that google changes this from white to black as it recognises phone numbers and makes them into buttons so they auto call on mobile sites…
The colour only changes on a mobile not on the desktop version. Whether this is changeable , ill leave it to greater minds than I :slight_smile: to say.

It may vary from theme to theme but typically, modern phones recognise phone numbers as links. Therefore if you adjust the link colour in your theme, with a bit of luck the phone number will show accordingly on mobile devices.

There can be an issue where you want links to be in different colours in different places / devices as a theme will typically offer one link colour per page. There are stacks however with better options and Foundation offers more flexibility also.

Thank you, issue sorted now , another nice little touch with Depth , you can change the link colour of each individual Section… and solved the tel problem with one click

So very pleased for you.

I am very new to RW - actually new to Mac too. There is nothing like RW on Windows.

I had no idea of the difference between masked and permanent domain redirects!

I hope it is ok for me to study your website because it is VERY pleasing to the eye.

Best wishes,


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