Rapidweaver 7 problem on mobile devices

Hello everyone just purchased rapidweaver 7, i apreciate the new features but i’ve noticed a problem after publishing.
On mobile devices it does not work as a responsive website after published under rw7

Rw7- http://www.vieuxbois.be

Rw6- http://boisancien.eu (same site, different domain)

It needs to be checked on mobile devices to see the problem with rw7.

Thank you

Hi Milu, I am new to RW7 and having same problem on iphone display. Only full site gets displayed even though on preview all looks good. Ibsaw you beautiful example sites and you have a nice responsive site. How did you solve it. Using RW7 and Stacks for my site.

This is a 2 year old thread. It’s likely that whatever issues there once were have long since been solved. And any bugs in RapidWeaver have long since been repaired.

(side note: I am pleased to see that site is still using RapidWeaver and Stacks even after two years and a rough beginning. :slight_smile: )

Probably best to post a new question with specific details about the problem you’re facing with screenshots and info about what stacks/themes you’re seeing the problem in.

It generally comes down to the theme and the stacks that you are using. Most of the Stacks 3 elements (as well as 3rd party ones) are responsive by default. e.g. – the 3-column stack will automatically rearrange to 1-column on mobile devices.

But the theme is important too. Make sure that you are using a theme with a flexible width or that is responsive on its own. If the theme forces a specific non-responsive width then all the content (including the stacks inside it) will oblige and be non-responsive too.