Can you look at this? And tell me what you think

Can you guys look at this and tell me what you think? The group I am building it for keeps saying that there are inconsistencies and he won’t elaborate.

I am not seeing what he wants. He sent me the word format but I can’t seem to convince him that I can’t make this look like a word document.

I am guessing it might be the spacing of the lines, plus when you resize the page for mobile, the comments on the river go to the bottom of the page, with no connection to your photo. Not sure if you have that in a two column or sidebar. I think it is possible to make it look like a word document, by the way. One possible way that I have found for some items I post is to take a screenshot image and post that instead of a text stack or html stack. Just a thought.

yea it is a side bar. I thought about pdfing all the files and putting those up as the page. joking

Yea, PDF or screen grab isn’t a good option, google can’t see them so no search.

If you put each paragraph and each header in their own stack that will fix the spacing if that’s the problem.

If you get rid of the side bar and use a 2 column there then that will keep the photo and text together when the screen size changes.
Then below that start with the seperate stacks for each header and each paragraph and that will fix the vertical rythem issues