Cancelling Publish locks up

I have tried to cancel publishing a few times lately (due to unnecessary large files slowing things down). But hitting “cancel” merely locks the program up. I might need to wait longer but that defeats the purpose. Thanks for any suggestions. es

I had a similar experience. When I click “Cancel”, the warning says “cancelling” or “skipping” or something to that effect, but the publishing continues all the way through.

This is something that is definitely broken in RW7. If I tell RW to cancel publishing it should immediately stop the connection. Right now there is no way to stop the publishing and no way to save changes until the publishing has finished.

Ahhhh. Not me eh? Bummer. So do these guys know this now of do we have to make it official with a ticket or something.

I’d been experiencing terrible trouble with RW7 failing to publish, locking up on publish, in the previous version. Then the upgrade to 7.0.4 came out, and it seemed for a day or so that the problem was fixed. Sadly, I’m having difficulties again, today having to force quit after a stalled publish, and having to restart it in order to successfully publish. I don’t know what happened, but I will mention that, between the time I wasn’t having troubles and today, Mac updated their OS. Again. I’m wondering if something in the OS is causing troubles in RW at this point? Anyone else experiencing this?

Is anyone from RW even looking at this thread? It would seem that this is something that they would like to get fixed fairly quickly or at least comment on what is going on with the issue. I have to force quit RW when publishing gets stuck as the cancel publishing or cancel backup do not work.

I don’t know if it among the fixes with RW 7.1
Have you submitted a ticket to Realmac?

I haven’t been working on RW for almost a month, but I recall this happening a lot about a year or so ago. Huh. Bummer news. Thanks, es

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I’ve been having a consistent problem with publishing lock-ups, failing to publish (work fine one minute, not ten minutes later). I’ve yet to see a solution to the problem. I have to continually quit out of RW and fire it up again in order to get past the problem. That usually works for about 2-3 publishings, then I have to start over again. I NEVER HAD THIS PROBLEM
WITH RW 6! It started with 7.0, and the .01 update didn’t fix the issue. I hope whomever is reading this (if anyone, hopefully from the company)…can you please help and/or FIX THIS? Thanks! (I rely on RW for daily updates, frequently multiple updates/day, so this is more than a nuisance. It’s costing me time.)

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