Come ON Realmac!

Why does clicking the Cancel button during publishing still lock up the application (Version 7.1.4 (18345))!? When will we have an elegant exit from the publishing process if we click the Cancel button provided!?

I’m incredibly frustrated, I just lost almost an hours work because I had to Force Quit Rapidweaver after pressing cancel during a publish.

Serriously @dan, this is something that needs to be fixed. Please.


Yeah, that’s a clear bug - I’ve lost work by forgetting to save before publishing too in the same circumstances.


@dan, Version 7.2 (18482) STILL hangs when cancelling during publishing. I’ve just lost another 45m of work because of this.

I have asked before without success or a reply but for the love of Froot Loops (and my sanity!) please, PLEASE fix this!?

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Your point is valid @SteveB and I do usually save but in my defence, I should not have to work around the fact that the app’s cancel button does not work as intended. That is really my point here.

Hi @Beemerang I’ve added a ticket to the 7.2.1 milestone for us to investigate this further.

What exactly happens when you hit Cancel? does it beachball, or crash?
Please also note that sometimes Publishing can take a while to “Cancel” while we communicate with the serevr, it’s not an instant thing.

If we can reproduce the issue here, we’ll get it fixed for 7.2.1 :slight_smile:


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Brilliant, thank you @dan!

It simply hangs and I need to Force Quit RW to exit before reopening the project. I have on occasion left it for more than an hour without it exiting the process and it was a 1-page site so unless the communication with my server is really lagging badly, I don’t think that is a factor (but I may be wrong as usual!)

Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it.