Clean Removal of RW6

Simple question… I do not wish to use RW6 in the near term (as I have grown frustrated with it), so I want to know what files and folders need to be removed to consider it removed completely. Thanks.

You might want to try AppDelete

… or let us help you with your frustrations :slight_smile:

Yeah, I have used AppDelete, CleanMyMac, et. al., but I was hoping for the actual file locations.

My frustration with RW6 at the moment exceeds my willingness to keep trying to get my stuff to work.

@geauxvols We’re here to help, if there’s any feedback or help we can provide to fix things up for you. Drop us an email with any feedback (no matter how candid):


Nik, I’ve been using your product for years, and have always loved it, but this latest upgrade has been a major headache. I’ll send you a detailed email later as I am able to do so, but the TL;DR is that most everything that came over from my RW5 instance is unusable. Granted, some of my themes, plugins, and stacks had not been updated yet to RW6 versions, but now that I have gone that route, I can’t get anything to work. Themes show up as generic icons. Plugins have disappeared entirely. I’d like a way to just remove entirely everything, and start from scratch, which is why I was looking to just hose the whole installation altogether.


If the themes are appearing with generic icons in the Addons Manager, that’s OK. They’ll still work.

If you want to remove all the RapidWeaver 6 data: remove the following folder, and immediately restart your Mac.


To reiterate: you really must restart your Mac after doing this!