Cannot get widget to appear where I want it

I got a widget that displays my photos and links to my outside commercial site where they are sold. It works just fine. I just can’t get it to appear in the part of the page where I want it. Apparently, it’s javascript because it works if I paste the code in that section of the inspector. But when previewed it’s at the top of the page. I want it in an extra content area near the bottom. I tried to give it an id and paste it in the CSS part but that doesn’t work either. Neither does pasting the code directly into a text or image stack. So I don’t know what to do. I got some free stacks I thought might act as a container of some kind - Useful Stack and CSS Box, but I don’t know how to use them. So please help. Thanks!

Would need to see the code you are trying to paste, to be sure. Have you tried pasting into an HTML stack?

No, but since then I’m having problems putting anything in this extra content stack so maybe that’s part of the problem. Here’s the code. Meanwhile, I’ll try html and maybe take it out of the EC.

That worked - the html stack and taking out of extra content. I thought I was supposed to use the extra content stack to make a new section of the page. At least not with this theme (Duccio). So I’ll just play around with making a new section box for now. Thanks so mucy Doug!

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