Widget disappears to foot of page!

Hi Everyone, I’ve been given a booking widget to install on a restaurant page but for some reason it only appears at the very foot of the page and not where I have placed it in a one column stack (Using @joeworkman Foundation and Rapidweaver Version 8.1.6 (20662) Anyone got any suggestions please?… thanks
PS… test page is here… http://www.masonsarmsdevon.co.uk/menus/zonaltest/zonaltest.php

First thing to do is to make a copy of the page and strip everything out you don’t need - so just keep the Foundation Site Styles and - say - a one col stack and try positioning the widget then. If it works, you can slowly add the other elements onto the page until it breaks. If it doesn’t work, I’m sure the co that supplies the widget will be able to offer advice.


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Thanks @robbeattie good idea! will give it a go…

looks like you are running Foundations SEO helper page speed? I think that might be moving the Javascript to the bottom of the page.


Hi @teefers & @robbeattie Thank you so much for your help…. when I removed ‘page speed’ from the project I never thought that it would still remain on the server so I have deleted the entire published website from the server and re-published again and its sorted!. One last quick question, what’s the best stack/container to use for these widget codes we get?. I tend to use foundation’s paragraph or the Rapidweaver html ‘plain text for html code’

Depends on the widget but I usually find the standard HTML stack works well.

Alternatively, Will’s Builder stack might be just the job if something’s proving particularly troublesome.

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Thanks @robbeattie will check it out…

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