Cannot read Text in Mojave 10.14.2 in Contact Form Settings

I am just trying to get my head around the demo and am following a YouTube video.

In the video you are asked to go to the inspector and then to the settings tab and finally select ‘Customizable Text’, in Mojave the three boxes are black, but also when you start typing so is the text!

Where can I change the text to white?


Sounds like you’re in dark mode in Mojave? What version of RapidWeaver?

Yes it’s in Dark Mode, but would have thought that this software would be OK with that as it does state that it is Mojave compatible, I take it that you do not know of an option to set Rapidweaver to recognise Dark Mode?

Rapidweaver version is 8.1.3 Demo

I thought the 8.1.3 had dark mode working, I personally don’t care for dark mode so I never have tried it.
I know they’ve been addressing fixes for dark mode so you may have found a bug.

Thanks Aaron for the info, I will turn it back to normal setting, just easier on the eyes at night.



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