Compatibility problem in new update of RW 7.5.7

Today I installed the 7.5.7 update of RapidWeaver 7, I have in my Mac. I have macOS Mojave 10.14.5 and I use the “Dark Theme” of macOS.
After the installation, Rapidweaver could not show the right colours of any site in “Edit mode”. Everything was OK in “preview” mode though. In “Edit” mode, the background was dark and the letters of any text were also black. When I open the “Inspector” the background is white and all letters are also white, so I can’t see anything.
When I change the macOS theme to “Light”, everything becomes normal in RapidWeaver and I can see.(Background white with black text). When I change back to the “Dark” theme of macOS, the problem reappears.
It seems to me that the new update has a COMPATIBILITY problem with the “Dark” theme of macOS 10.14.5.
For the moment I have to change themes back and forth in order to work with RapidWeaver.
Does anyone know of any solutions?

I have exactly the same problem. It’s very hard to read any of the text in Dark Mode (see screenshot).

Dark mode was a new feature added to MacOS Mohave. Realmac added support for dark mode to RapidWeaver 8 shortly after “Mohave” released last year.

I personally don’t use dark mode, but my understanding is it works fine in RW8.

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Yes, thanks @teefers. The frustration here is that prior to the recent small compatibility update from 7.5.6 to 7.5.7, RW just ignored Dark Mode settings that were active in Mojave and used a light themed interface in RW (which was fine by be). But now it is trying to adopt some of the Dark Mode settings, and simply getting it wrong. The title bar background has gone dark (as you can see in my screenshot in the prior post), but pretty much everything else has gone to a frustrating combination of white writing on a light grey background, which is very hard to see.

If you’re wanting Relmac to fix RW7 to work like it did before then I’d suggest that might want to email them at

While you’re waiting you can always go back to any of the prior releases that worked, download from here:

If dark mode is important to you, then you could also upgrade to RW8.

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